Virtual Coaching

We offer virtual coaching for runners wishing to race 5km to marathon distance. Whilst training programmes can be found online these will rarely give you the level of personalisation and follow up support you require to execute them successfully.

There are two options for coaching;

Virtual Coaching

  • Initial email/ call to discuss your goals, current training, opportunity to train and other lifestyle factors.
  • Personalised plan in a spreadsheet with each session detailed for you to follow. We set this up in advance so you can see the full training period, but as we will communicate during this time it will morph as per your needs/ how training is going.
  • Unlimited coach support on email giving opportunity for feedback, advice and questions.
  • Core strength programme for you to follow.

Monthly fee of £75, minimum of 3 months 


One Off Plan

  • Initial email or call to discuss your goals, current training, opportunity to train and other lifestyle factors.
  • Your own personalised plan and each session clearly detailed for you to follow.
  • An option to review the plan once in case of injury or illness.

16 week Marathon Training Plan £110

12 week Half Marathon or 10km Training Plan £95

8 week 10km or 5km Training Plan £75


Tom’s testimonial of Virtual Coaching

“I’ve been running for nearly 20 years and have completed 10 marathons, but I felt like I’d never given running a good go. In particular, my marathon times were always disappointing compared to my half marathons: I could run 1:20 for a half but had only just broken 3 hours, once. I’d previously tried more intense running training plans (Pfitz 18/55) and a friend who’d seen great results convinced me (and it took some convincing) to give Elkie’s virtual coaching a try. 

I wanted to see what I was really capable of in the marathon. Most of my PBs were set in 2010 and I felt like some of them were beatable, especially the marathon. More than times, I wanted someone to help plan out a sensible schedule that I could keep to throughout the year without getting injured. 

I’m based in NYC, so this was definitely long distance coaching. Elkie setup a call to discuss my history and goals and then built a schedule for me, adjusting it as she got to know my strengths and weaknesses. We emailed back and forth a couple of times a week and it was great motivation to know that someone was expecting me to get to the track on a cold, rainy February evening. After each major milestone race of the season, we spoke on the phone to refine the plan for the next race. 

Elkie’s plan, as well as her feedback, made me run pieces faster than I’d ever have tried on my own but also gave me the confidence to do easy runs at an easy pace, stopped me from overtraining and getting injured. Because of this I was able to run more miles per week than ever before. 

Tom Chicago

With Elkie’s help I’ve achieved PBs at every distance from 5k (17:06) to marathon (2:49:02), including a 9 minute PB at the Chicago Marathon: over 15 minutes faster than I ran 11 months ago. I felt great until very close to the end and managed a five minute negative split, a testament to the preparation Elkie had planned out to get me ready to remain strong over the whole distance.”