Virtual Coaching

We offer virtual coaching for runners wishing to race 5km to marathon distance. Whilst training programmes can be found online these will rarely give you the level of personalisation and follow up support you require to execute them successfully.

There are two options for coaching;

Virtual Coaching

  • Initial email/ call to discuss your goals, current training, opportunity to train and other lifestyle factors.
  • Personalised plan in a spreadsheet with each session detailed for you to follow. We set this up in advance so you can see the full training period, but as we will communicate during this time it will morph as per your needs/ how training is going.
  • Unlimited coach support on email giving opportunity for feedback, advice and questions.
  • Core strength programme for you to follow.

Monthly fee of £75, minimum of 3 months 


One Off Plan

  • Initial email or call to discuss your goals, current training, opportunity to train and other lifestyle factors.
  • Your own personalised plan and each session clearly detailed for you to follow.
  • An option to review the plan once in case of injury or illness.

16 week Marathon Training Plan £110

12 week Half Marathon or 10km Training Plan £95

8 week 10km or 5km Training Plan £75


Laura’s testimonial of Virtual Coaching

Laura Griffin“I’d run the London Marathon twice before but felt that my finishing times didn’t reflect the training I’d put in. I’d also tried and failed with marathon training on two occasions, getting knocked out by illness. I knew that if I was going to try again I needed a different approach. A running friend had used Elkie’s virtual coaching and was delighted with the huge improvement she was able to make, so I decided to give it a go.

Elkie and I arranged an initial phone consultation in which she asked me lots of questions about what I’d done previously, what I wanted to achieve, and anything that might stand in my way. Elkie then worked out a plan that was tailored for me, taking into account the events I had planned and getting me to 20 mile distance two months before the marathon itself. This was really important for me, as it gave me confidence as training progressed.

The plan felt really varied and I enjoyed my training much more as a result. I honestly didn’t pay any attention to weekly mileage, but instead just did what was on the plan on any given day. This included a group speed / hill session led by Elkie on a Saturday, a long run on a Sunday, a shorter (up to 10 miles) steady run on a Tuesday, which I was able to do with my club, and a speed session on a Thursday. This combination gave me much more variance in pace than my previous training had done, and Elkie was very specific and clear about the target speed for particular distances, which was always stretching but achievable. In addition to this, Elkie provided a strength programme which really helped me strengthen all those key muscles.

As the weeks progressed, I kept Elkie updated by email, and she advised and encouraged me in response as needed, tweaking the plan as we went along. Although she was always positive and encouraging, knowing I needed to update her definitely kept me on track and held me to account!

I was really pleased with my performance of 4hrs 13mins, I knocked nearly 11 minutes off my time and felt like I had a really good run. My pacing was much more consistent and while I was delighted to cross the finish line, I never felt like I just couldn’t keep going – I was much more in control and confident throughout.

I’d really recommend Elkie’s coaching to anyone considering a marathon or a new challenge, and would definitely ask her for further coaching in the future – she really has transformed my approach to training”.