Strength Sessions

For many runner’s strength is overlooked which can lead to injury and sub optimal running. Whatever your level, strength is important to ensure longevity in your running.

We have devised a programme which is focuses on strength and stability – particularly the glute complex, core, quads, calves, hamstrings as well as the foot itself. Many of the exercises are recommended by physios and tackle weaknesses which can lead to common running injuries like Iliotibial Band Syndrome, Plantar Fasciitis and Runner’s Knee.

Location –  Virtual session on Zoom so wherever you like as long as you have internet.

Time – 20:05 – 21:00.

Dates – Monday evenings throughout the year.

Cost – £8 per session if you sign up to a 3 month class pass (£80) and £10 if you PAGY.

What to bring – a mat to lie on and a band and or weights if you have them, but all exercises can be done bodyweight only.

Contact – please contact us to sign up and be added to weekly emails giving a reminder of the logon details.


20:05- 20:15 – Warm up involving mobilisation exercises, hops, jumps and single leg balances.

20:15- 20:55 – Main set = 8 exercises – squat pulse, arabesque, bear crawl, plank, single leg stand, donkey kick, dead bug and flutter kicks. Hold each exercise for 45 seconds, then 15 sec break, move onto next exercise.

1 min break after each set of 8, then repeat the set a further 4 times.

20:55- 21:00 Cool down stretches.

side plank photo

Headshot Janine Green coach

“I can say with 100% confidence that Elkie’s strength sessions have made me a better runner. I had a hip injury that prevented me from running but over the weeks I’ve gotten back to form as I’ve built up my strength through the sessions. As well as the longer term benefits, I’ve found that if I run a couple of hours after the session, it’s an easier and faster run. Elkie tells me that this is because all of the right muscles have been engaged – and who am I to disagree? It clearly works!  The classes are always varied from week to week, so it never feels laborious or repetitive. Although I have never planked so much in my entire life!”