Mum’s fitness

You may be on maternity leave and keen to get your body back after having a baby, or you could be a mum with older children who is keen to get leaner and stronger. Whether you are looking to lose weight, feel better or lead a healthier lifestyle to set an example to your family, we will work with you to understand your goals and deliver a progressive programme that supports you to get there and critically maintain it.

Sessions will include cardio, strength and flexibility and will involve boxing, running,  bodyweight, suspension fitness system and elements of yoga.

We offer one to one and small group training (up to 4 people) in the Forest Hill, Sydenham, Crystal Palace and Dulwich areas. We prefer to train in the outdoors and believe in the wider well-being benefits that exercise in a natural environment offers. However Elkie is happy to come to your home too.

One to one
6 sessions – £252

6 sessions – £300

Small groups
Contact me for pricing

‘As I got into my 40’s I had a creeping awareness that my health was becoming more important and that type two diabetes, heart disease and cancers were real risks. As a mother of four boys I really needed to change my lifestyle. I stopped drinking, started eating clean and exercising with Elkie. At first I couldn’t do a plank for 10 seconds or one press up. A year later, I can do 70 press ups on one go  and have completed my first 5km.   I love feeling healthy and strong.’

Katie Knowles , Forest Hill