Group running

Our coached group running sessions help you to stick to your training, get faster and improve your running technique.

If you struggle to motivate yourself to get out for a run, (don’t we all at some time or another?) having a weekly commitment in your diary where you run with likeminded people can really help with ‘stickability’.

Many runners come to the coached group sessions wanting to get faster, be it training for the London marathon or your local 5km. Whatever your chosen distance, our mixed pace speed efforts will make you faster and get you fitter. Plus running as a group means you have a bit of friendly competition which can really spur you on. Whatever your speed, the sessions are open to all experience and level of runner, and knowone is left behind.

In term of running technique, we work on drills to help improve your running and individual technique pointers are given throughout the session. Plus the latter part of the session gives you a running specific core work out which will help engage the right muscles for runners and prevent injury.

We train in two different parks in SE26 – flat Mayow Park where we run on tarmac paths and grass, plus hilly Sydenham Wells Park where we run hills (again on tarmac paths and on grass). The benefits of hill running are many; a strength workout, improved form and less impact on your joints.

Location – Mayow Park and Sydenham Wells Park. See map below with the meeting point indicated in red.

Time – 08:30 – 09:30am

Dates – Saturdays throughout the year

Cost – £8 per session if you sign up to a 3 month class pass (£80) and £10 if you PAYG.

What to bring – a mat to lie on for the core session at the end, water and minimal valuables (the coach will hold onto keys and phones for you)

Contact – please contact us to sign up and be added to weekly emails reminding you of the location of the session.

Sample session

08:30- 08:40 – Running drills – squats, lunges, skipping and dynamic stretches.

08:40- 08:55 – Between 2 and 4 laps of the main circle at Mayow Park, running for less than 10 mins at effort level 6 out of 10.

08:55- 09:05 – Speed efforts across the grass of 30 seconds in length with 1 min recovery, at 8 out of 10 effort.

09:05-09:15- A fun team relay of 200m, 9 out of 10 effort.

09:15- 09:25 – Core strength exercises – plank, press ups and glute bridges.

09:25- 09:30 Cool down stretches.


‘Many thanks again for being such a great coach. Your sessions were fun, varied, friendly and as challenging as we each wanted to make them. They definitely improved my running form, helped me run faster and boosted my confidence. A real highlight of my week!’


Training locations

Mayow Park, SE26 4SS


Sydenham Wells Park, SE26 6QZ