New Year is a great time to think about your running goals for the year, be it completing your first 5km race or improving on your marathon time. Whatever your goal, working with a running coach will mean you are more likely to succeed and enjoy your training along the way. We can either write you a personalised plan that you follow, or work hand in hand as your Virtual Coach.

Read on for Penny’s testimonial

Having a bespoke marathon plan plus virtual coaching with Elkie, an experienced and successful athlete herself, exceeded my expectations.  Elkie took into account my running history and ability, to devise a tailored plan with a full strength workout. Elkie checking in weekly and me reporting back helped to keep me on track, adapting it as necessary to fit in with my work and home life. Elkie’s knowledge and experience of running is invaluable and gave me confidence when it came to race day. Elkie’s coaching is all-encompassing, in addition to the plan, weekly check in, and adaptations, she gave me nutritional advice, race day planning and race strategy to get me a huge marathon PB! I’m the fittest I’ve ever been. I’ve asked Elkie to be my virtual coach again, I don’t think I will race again without it!”Penny NYC


The coaching from Elkie has been great. I’ve been running for years and about to do my 20th marathon and had been looking for ways to improve my performance. Up till the coaching, I had never give much thought to my technique and I’ve realised that by making a number of adjustments – knees, hips, stride- it can make a big difference. I would highly recommend it. Thank you Elkie’.

Brian, Running Technique Client

“I have really enjoyed the variety of the sessions, they are well planned, and seem to go really quickly; i.e. We’re having fun! I really enjoy being set achievable goals, but that Elkie also pushes me. The sessions have been really clever at considering all abilities, and I feel part of a group, even though we are at such different levels. I never thought I was going to be able to run any more than ten minutes or so. I have often tried – and failed. But with Elkie’s encouragement and tips, I have made it to my first 5km run in eight weeks – I’m really pleased and excited – it feels great!”

Anna, Group running training