Running Coach South London

Elkie is a South Oxfordshire based running coach who believes that everyone can grow their enjoyment of running; be that improving your 5km time or building up to your first marathon. Whatever your goal, working with us will mean you are more likely to be inspired and succeed. We offer virtual coaching, strength sessions online and one-to-one running technique coaching.

Elkie’s coaching has been absolutely invaluable when it comes to improving my running.  She sorted out my technique and her excellent personalised plans helped me to increase my pace. Then when injury threatened to throw me off track, she helped me work through it and adjust my training so I was still able to achieve my goal of running the marathon. Her support, both practical and emotional, has been brilliant. I would highly recommend her to anyone, whether you’re looking to beat Kipchoge or just cross that finishing line with your knees intact… Thank you Elkie!

Ellie Gibson aka Scummy Mummies

Scummy Mummies

The coaching from Elkie has been great. I’ve been running for years and about to do my 20th marathon and had been looking for ways to improve my performance. Up till the coaching, I had never give much thought to my technique and I’ve realised that by making a number of adjustments – knees, hips, stride- it can make a big difference. I would highly recommend it. Thank you Elkie’.

Brian, Running Technique Client

“I have really enjoyed the variety of the sessions, they are well planned and fun.  I really enjoy being set achievable goals, but that Elkie also pushes me. The sessions have been really clever at considering all abilities, and I feel part of a group, even though we are at such different levels. With Elkie’s encouragement and tips, I have made it to my first 5km run in eight weeks – I’m really pleased and excited – it feels great!”

Anna, Group running training